Seas and Rivers

We know there are different oceans but within these                            oceans  there are also seas

What are seas????

A sea is a region of salty water within an ocean and partly enclosed or surrounded by land.

There are three categories of seas:

1.   Coastal Seas: these are seas that run along the coast line. 
One examples of these seas is the Arabian Sea in the Indian Ocean.

2.   Inland Seas: the Mediterranean Sea is an example as it is completely located within continents but it is comunicated with the ocean.

3.   Closed Seas: they are very similar to big lakes but the water is salty. One example is the Caspian Sea.

And rivers...what are rivers?

     A river is a natural element of fresh water flowing towards an ocean, a sea, a lake or another river. Most rivers begin in hills or mountains.

    Rivers can be long or short, but they are all made up of three main parts. These parts are the upper course ( 1 ), the middle course ( 2 ) and lower course ( 3 ).

The place where a river begins is called the source:

When a river leaves its source, it becomes wider and forms bends called meanders: 

A river ends its journey at the mouth. The mouth is where the river meets the sea, the ocean or a lake.

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