8 planets

Do you know how may planets are there in the Solar System?? 8? 9 ? Yes! you are right! there are 8 planets : Mercury, Venus, the Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. Pluto is not a planet anymore because it is too small, it is considered as a dawrf planet.

But let´s rememeber the name of the planets with a song! 

And if we want to know more about the planets watch this video and find out little by little about each planet:

Mercury. Interesting facts!

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun  in the Solar system.

It is the smallest planet with the exception of dwarf planets. 

Mercury is a rocky planet in the Inner Solar System and scientists think that there is ice on its north pole.

Its surface is covered with craters. It has no water, no air and no moons

Venus. Interesting facts!

Venus is the second planet closest to the Sun. It is a small rocky planet very similar to the Earth.  It is called the Earth sister.

It is the biggest planet in the Inner Solar System.

It is the hottest planet because of its materials.

Venus is the brighest of all the planets. You can see Venus from the Earth, it looks a star in the sky. Venus is often called the morning star or the evening star.

In Venus there are a lot of volcanoes, this is why the surface of Venus is covered with lava.

Earth. Our planet......interesting facts !

The Earth is the third planet in the Solar System next to the Sun. The name Earth comes from old English and Germany language.

The surface of the Earth is very young because erosion and earthquakes destroy, recreate and reshape most of the Earth surface. The 71% of the Earth surface is covered with water.

The Earth is the only planet on which water can exist in liquid form. Water is essential for life.

The Earth is more than 1 million times smaller than the Sun. It is a rocky planet in the Inner Solar System.
The Earth has one natural satellite called Luna/Moon.

The Earth takes 365 days to orbit around the Sun.

Mars. Interesting facts !

Mars is a red and rocky planet in the Inner Solar System. It is the fourth planet. 

Mars has two tiny moons which orbit very close to the surface. Their names are Phobos and Deimos.

The poles are covered with dry ice.

Mars is a cold and lifeless planet. There are strong winds and dust storms that sometimes blow through the entire planet for 4 months.

Asteroid Belt

The Asteroid Belt is the región of the Solar System that 

divides the Inner Solar System from the Outer Solar 


Jupiter. Interesting facts!

Jupiter is the fifth planet in our Solar System. It is the 

first one in the Outer Solar System.

Jupiter is a gas giant planet. It is the biggest planet in 

our Solar System. 

The name of Jupiter comes from the king of the romans 

gods and from Zeus, the ruler of the Greek gods.

Jupiter has 65  moons.

It has rings but they are very thin.

Saturn. Interesting facts!

Saturn is the sixth planet in our Solar System and 

the second gas planet in the Outer Solar System.

Don´t try to count the rings in Saturn. Saturn has more 

than thousand rings!!!! 

It has also many moon!! 62 at the moment

Uranos and Neptune....twins!

Uranos is the seventh planet and Neptune is the eighth planet in our Solar System .

They are very similar. They both look blue because they are made out of a gas called methane, ices and rocks.

Uranos and Neptune also have rings but they are very thin
and dark and they are very difficult to see as happens in Jupiter.



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