What´s the Solar System???

In the Universe there are many galixies.
The name of our Galaxy is the Milky Way

The Solar System is in the Milky Way

In our Solar System there are eight planets around the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and NeptuneThe Sun sits in the middle while the planets orbit around it. Click on this video!

The Solar System is divided into two groups:
  • The Inner Solar System: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. 
  • The Outer Solar System: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune 
Have a look at this video and you will see the difference!

The planets are divided according to their composition and size:

A.    Rocky planets are made of rock and metal. They are very heavy and move around the Sun very slowly. Rocky planets are: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars ( INNER PLANETS ).
B.    Gas planets are made out of gases, hydrogen and helium. These planets are light and they move quickly around the Sun. Gas planets are Jupiter, Saturn Uranus and Neptune ( OUTER PLANETS ).

A.     Small planets are: Mercury , Venus, Mars and Earth ( INNER PLANETS ).
B.      Giant planets are very big. They are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune ( OUTER PLANETS )
C.      Dwarf planets are tiny little planets. These are Pluto, Ceres and Eris.

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  8. Paula Porcel 19 de Febrero de 2014 18: 46
    Alpha Centauri is the nearest star system to Earth, 4.3 light years away, but you wouldn't want to drive there. If you had a cosmic car with an unending fuel supply, driving at 55 miles per hour it would still take 52 million years to reach the star!
    Thanks for the blog Marta its so funny for kids.